Welcome to Letter from Silent Heaven

A site dedicated to Konami's horror-adventure game Silent Hill 2. Here you will find a variety of unusual, unique, or otherwise interesting pieces of information based on the renowned horror title. Further into the site you will find rare media for Silent Hill 2 not seen anywhere else on the Internet along with in-depth looks at pre-release pictures and their correlations to the final game; analysis of the game's deleted content; a retrospective look at the influences that helped shape the game; a study on the game's lore, characters, creatures; and so much more.

Letter from Silent Heaven was created for the sole purpose of showing my love and gratitude for Silent Hill 2. Never before have I appreciated a game so much and have it open up my eyes to a whole new standard for interactive art as what Silent Hill 2 has done.

Silent Hill 2's fear factor is set on manipulating your own mind. For what you hear is not always there. What you see may not be what you really saw. For the fear and horror used in Silent Hill 2 resonates with a player on a more primitive level: It pits your own imagination against you. Your mind will create much of the fear that unfolds throughout the game. It is the game's masterful use of restraint and balance that creates a sinister form of terror that has made Silent Hill 2 the timeless horror masterpiece it is today.